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  Playstation 2 Section
  XBOX Section
Message Board 
  To get to the chatroom
  mirc and 
  once you have done
  that put in
  once connected to the
  server put /join #ps2 to
  and your now in the
  official UG Chatroom.    
  Same way with xbox 
  chatroom put in /join #xbox
  to get a free download
of mirc go to this link.

Mirc Download
   UG Information
This site is dedicated to online gaming for Xbox and playstation2
iIf you wish to sign up for the madden 2003 or NFL2k3 seasons please visit the forum and leave your name and email address along with the top three choices of which teams you would like to be. Same thing with the Clans for Socom U.S Navy Seals and Tribes for PS2 and the same for the xbox online games Unreal championship and Ghost recon.  All sign ups will be in the forum.  Check the system sections for more information about each game. to contact the ultimate Gamers staff
send a email to:

  Post at the forum and someone
  will help you out with what you need.
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